How to Reduce Fear and Anxiety and Find the Right Dentists in Frisco TX

Dentists Frisco TXSo many people have a fear of going the Dentist that it is ingrained in our culture. In fact the dentist is one of the most avoided medical professionals. We fear having our teeth cleaned and finding a cavity. We sweat at the idea of being reprimanded by a scary man in a white coat that, with his super dentist powers, somehow just knows that we went to bed last week without brushing, or ate two pieces of sugary chocolate cake. Often this fear begins in childhood long before our first visit even occurs. How can we break the cycle? How can we teach our children not to be afraid of the man or woman in the white coat? Is it possible to actually enjoy going to dentists in Frisco TX? The answer is a resounding yes! it is possible, read on for tips on how to reduce your children’s anxiety and maybe even your own, before that next dental check up.

Avoid pain with regular maintenance:

So much of the fear that we wrap the dental profession in has to do with pain. We are terrified of someone digging in our mouths with sharp objects. Considering that the tool often used to fix cavities is referred to as a drill, it’s no wonder. The secret however is this; if you take care of your teeth with regular brushing and flossing you and the drill will never meet. You don’t have to be apprehensive about painful procedures if you don’t need them. So brush regularly, and your visits with dentists in Frisco TX will be smooth applications of fruity tooth cleaning paste and sweet dreams.

Don’t buy into the culture of fear:

Teach your children that the dentist is not a scary guy. Include dentists when you talk about other neighborhood heros like police and firemen. Firemen save your house when it’s burning down and dentists save your smile. It might not be as exciting but any positive association in the mind will help reduce fear and anxiety. You may try including books where your children’s favorite character visits the dentist in the bedtime story line up.

Don’t fear the unknown:

Before the big day see if you can arrange a visit to your child’s dental office. They may offer a simple tour of the waiting room and exam room, where a friendly dental assistant can show your child the brushes and water sprayers that will be used to inspect and clean their teeth. They may even get to sit in the chair. This kind of preview experience can reduce anxiety because it teaches children what to expect in advance, without the pressure of having to stay for an appointment. When the time comes, they will know exactly what is going to happen.

If your family is looking for dentists in Frisco TX to be  neighborhood heros for your little one, Dr. Joey McElhaney DDS and his team are the ones. His practice is friendly and convenient for your busy lifestyle. Visit his staff at Frisco Square Dental by calling (972) 712-4040 and making your own appointment today, there’s nothing to fear here.

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