Dental Services for the Whole Family

At Frisco Square Dental, it is our goal to provide optimal dental health for every member of your family, and to treat each person as if they belonged to our own family. Building a foundation of trust is vital to the overall mission of Frisco Square Dental. Your individual dental needs and concerns will be personally addressed by Dr. McElhaney.

We understand how seeing a dentist may not be the most fun for some patients, so we constantly review how we might provide a more relaxing and pleasant experience. Frisco Square Dental feels it is our responsibility to provide the most up to date information on dental care, to help you make your own informed decisions on any recommended treatment plans.

Ongoing general dentistry is the foundation for good oral health. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you visit your family dentist for a check-up at least twice each year. Frisco Square Dental works closely with your insurance company or PPO to make sure that you receive the maximum benefits from your dental plan. We will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene program, consisting of a dental examination, teeth cleaning, and x-rays. We will be here to remind you about the advantages of preventing dental disease, including routine cleanings, flossing, and fluoride applications. A variety of restorative dental procedures may be appropriately recommended to help prevent or treat decay or disease of the teeth, mouth, gums and tongue, as well as improve the overall quality of your life and build self-esteem.

Family Dental Services Offered

We offer a wide variety of dental services including: